How do you gain membership?

Membership of ActKM is free.

actKM Discussion List

The actKM Discussion List operates as a list server, just like with Yahoo! Groups.  All messages posted to the list are distributed by the server to email addresses of each member.  You can set the server to send each message to you as it is moderated, or you can elect to receive a daily digest.

The actKM Discussion List is where the majority of activity of the actKM group will occur.  Make sure you subscribe to this to observe and take part in the many discussions of the group.

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actKM Bulletin Board

The actKM Bulletin Board is a separate area of the website where specific topics can be tackled by a subset of the group.  In many cases Bulletin Board topics will migrate from the Discussion List.  Bulletin Board topics will be announced on the topic list so members know whats going on.

If you are interested in topics being discussed in the Bulletin Board you can subscribe to a topic and be advised when new content is posted.

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