actKM Online Journal of Knowledge Management

Volume 2, Issue 1

October 2005

Table of Contents

Balanced Scorecard typology and organisational impact
Aurel Brudan

Soft systems methodology and grounded theory combined – a knowledge management research approach?
Graham Durant-Law

Great Decisions – Great Results: exposing the bottlenecks to effective decision making
Adrian Farrell

Exploring experiences of learning and knowing at work: findings from a public sector case study
Monica Kennedy

FPA Health’s Story: the achievements of better performance outcomes for sexual health care through knowledge management
Lindsey MacDonald

Action Research: connecting knowledge in the Australian Public Sector organisation
Michelle Mau 

The future is wild: managing knowledge of the future
Elizabeth A. Reuben

Developing strategic capability through a knowledge network communication work space
C.E. Ryan, D. Rhodes, and B. Millett

The implications of knowledge management for the library and information professions
Maryam Sarrafzadeh

Throwing pebbles into a dark cave: a study of participation and behaviour in the {act-km} Online Community
Ørjan Taule, Greg Timbrell, Patrick Lambe

Managing to measure: appropriate options for measuring intellectual capital in the Australian Public Service
Colette Woodford