actkm Awards

Each year, actKM judges and awards prizes to organisations or individuals that have made significant achievements in organisational capability, performance or sustainability through the application of knowledge-based projects or activities.

Calls for submissions are generally around June and close in September for announcement at our annual dinner.

If you think you might have a possible nomination or would like some assistance in preparing your submission, you can talk to one of our ActKM award mentors. Contact the Convenor at: for access to a mentor.



There is no cost to submit for the actKM Awards


All Australian-based public, private and not-for-profit organisations are invited to submit responses for consideration.


Awards are provided for cultural and technological initiatives - if a nomination meets both these criteria to a very high level it may be awarded a Platinum award.

Closing Date:

Usually late September but check the forum announcement.


  1. How well the initiative achieved the objective (must relate/contribute to delivery of organisational outcomes in terms of core business)
  2. How effectively the knowledge project was implemented (management support, processes, innovation, and communications)
  3. The extent of organisational improvement was/will be realised (capability improvement, savings, service improvement, extra business)
  4. Effective management of the risk and challenges
  5. The extent of stakeholder satisfaction (internal and external, customers, partners, etc.)


The submission should be against the criteria and submitted in word or PDF to Supporting digital video attachments are also acceptable. Submissions need to be concise yet contain sufficient information for the judging panel to adequately assess the merits of the entry. They should include a 200 - 400 word summary. All necessary clearances and permissions required for the release of all information submitted including any proprietary, confidential, technical or commercial information must be obtained by the applicant.

All submissions become the property of actKM and are not returned to applicants. There shall be no restrictions on the use of the submitted information in any promotion of the awards program.

All expenses relating to the preparation of the submission and attendance at the award ceremonies are the responsibility of the applicant. Tickets for the awards dinner are available at the actKM conference registration site.


A panel of 3-4 judges will be selected from a broad range of industry groups by the actkm executive and will collectively, have a broad range of experience in knowledge management. Submissions will be assessed solely on the submission and in accordance with these Submission Guidelines. The judging panel will be independent of all submissions. Judges decisions shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into.


Applicants are to issue a licence to actkm to publish their submission, or part therof.  Applicants are to ensure that any restrictions on the reuse of the application is to be clearly stated.  Applications that have onerous restrictions on publication of their submission may be excluded from consideration. 


Any additional information can be obtained from the Convenor at: