In 2012 a Gold actkm award was presented to Melbourne Water

This award recognised the effectiveness of the Melbourne Water Info Program

The Info Program is a collection of projects delivering our current information
management strategy.  The program has four core streams of work:

Structured Information
We developed a consistent model of our organisational information with agreed
definitions.  This work is essential for good systems planning and design, and
forms the basis of our Information Governance model.
Unstructured Information
The initiatives in this stream are aimed at upgrading and configuring our
electronic document repository so that it is fit for purpose.  We also carried out
significant interface improvements to enhance the user experience.  The last
phase of this stream involves migrating the organisation’s key documents into the
system.  These activities support our compliance obligations as a public sector
agency while also aligning with current business practice.

People & Culture
This stream involves change management and training.  As culture-led change is
a central focus, the principles of this stream underpin the success of all initiatives
of the program.

We developed an information management policy and standards for compliant
information management, and established an Info Custodian Council which is
accountable for key organisational knowledge assets.  This stream also undertook
a significant information risk assessment looking at organisational risks that had
information management as either part of the cause or mitigation.

The core purpose of this work is to ensure that Melbourne Water has a
comprehensive and reliable knowledge base through which we can make quality
business decisions.