Sixth Annual Conference 26-27 October 2005

 The actKM Forum held its sixth annual conference on Wednesday 26 & Thursday 27 October 2005 at Rydges Lakeside, Canberra.  The Conference Theme was: “Managing Knowledge for Better Performance".

The Conference aimed to create greater awareness and understanding of  knowledge management as a pragmatic management discipline with direct relevance to the public sector 'bottom line' - performance.

The Topic Spaces for the Conference Theme were:

  • Knowledge, productivity & performance – what does it all mean?
  • Creating the knowledge environment for better organisational performance.
  • Knowledge, productivity & performance in teams.
  • Enabling individual knowledge worker productivity & performance – what works & what doesn’t.
  • Leadership, governance & culture – critical factors for
  • High performance in knowledge-based organisations.

Also general information about the conference is available.

The following link is to the conference program which we have retained online for historical purpose.  


For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities the following document  outlines what is being offered Conference Sponsorship

 Conference Papers

The presentations from the conference can be downloaded below

Philip Hind, Australian Taxation Office CKO: Hard and Soft Aspects of KM

Greg Timbrell: Throwing Pebbles into a Dark Cave

Patrick Byrne: TARDIS Presentation

Kate Andrews: Searching for the Babel Fish

Lindsey McDonald: FPA Health

Adrian Farrell: Great Decisions, Great Results

James Roberston, Step Two Designs: Understanding Staff Needs

David Rymer: KM Standard Workshop

Belinda Thompson: Taking a Fresh Look at KM Technologies

Denise Raybould: Using Knowledge to Unlock Innovation

Nerida Hart: Australian Public Sector KM Forum

Anthony Ting: Knowing Who is Better than Knowing How