Fifth Annual Conference 13-14 October 2004

Working in the knowledge organisation

The actKM 2004 Conference is designed to create a stimulating environment for participants to explore knowledge-based work in the Australian Public Sector, from the perspectives of the knowledge organisation and the knowledge worker.

The innovative mix of workshops, presentations and structured networking activities will address many aspects of the knowledge-based work environment. These include supporting knowledge workers by:

  • demonstrating effective leadership;
  • having good corporate governance in place;
  • maintaining stakeholder relationships;
  • improvements to work processes and practices;
  • developing capabilities and recognising achievements;
  • providing training and guidance;
  • using appropriate knowledge and information management structures and systems; and
  • making the best use of information and communications technology.

Extensive use of case studies will highlight examples of the difference types of knowledge work and the creative approaches that organisations have adopted to increase the value of their intellectual capital. Participants will gain an appreciation of the nature of knowledge work and the factors that influence it, providing them with a practical basis for improving the quality and productivity of work in their organisation.

Stream 1: The Knowledge Organisation

  • The organisational view of corporate knowledge
  • Knowledge organisations: what they are, why they are different and why we need them
  • Initiatives that enhance the intellectual capital of the organisation
  • Did someone say systems?: the role of information and communications technology
  • Keeping track of corporate knowledge and information
  • Creating, fostering and supporting a knowledge environment
  • Dealing with organisational knowledge challenges (relationships, culture, politics)

Stream 2: The Knowledge worker

  • Knowledge work: what is it and who does it? 
  • Developing competencies and capabilities 
  • Supporting a 'knowledge worker' is not only about funds and resources
  • Training: why the classroom is not always top choice
  • Mentoring, coaching, and guiding: the leader's role?
  • Motivation, recognition and rewards for knowledge workers: do they work? 
  • Knowledge worker networks

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