2004 KM in Government Awards

Silver Knowledge Award (Cultural Category)

Australian Government Information Office (AGIMO)

 To facilitate knowledge sharing across agencies, AGIMO initiated 3 e-government Communities of Practice.  These CoPs enabled government practitioners to share and build specialised knowledge and competencies.  Also, these online CoPs were supported by seminars, better practice checklists, case study publications and information fora to assist in the dissemination of information and knowledge on e-government.  These Communities of Practice are a valuable tool to assist agencies to  meet the challenges of the new public sector in a fast changing technological and business environments.  Currently over 95 agencies are now subscribing to the CoPs, with one CoP having 120 email participants.

Silver Knowledge Award (Combined Technical and Cultural)

Department of Defence TARDIS Project

 Department of Defence has had significant changes to deal with in the last few years, with a greater role within world peacekeeping with people being deployed overseas in a variety of roles, in a range of places such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, Bougainville, East Timor and Iraq, and in fact Capability Development Group puts their current turnover at over 50% annually.  Tardis, the new KM system, focuses on people and process solutions to operationalise business processes, rather than seeking the technological ‘silver bullet’ and provides a multi-dimensional knowledge framework based on cost, schedule and requirements for major capital equipment projects and their associated Defence capabilities.  It also has a vertical perspective for the desk officer at executive level, and operates within the Defence secret environment with a significant spin-off being that Desk Officers feel they now have greater ‘ownership and control of their projects’.