2003 KM in Government Awards

Platinum Award

 Noumea Primary School:-

Noumea Primary School is classed as a ‘disadvantaged school’ however their knowledge program has paid extraordinary dividends for all concerned.  This program included students, teachers and parents.  This is a textbook example of how a knowledge program should be implemented.  This program allows the School to track and report on all student’s progress and report overall school progress to the relevant overseeing departments.  Much more importantly it enables teachers to focus on the students strengths and weaknesses, as well as develop their own strengths in the teaching environment. 

To quote from the submission ‘Shared leadership that focuses on collaborative partnerships, continuous improvement, accountability, and on-going learning has resulted in improved school and student outcomes.’

Gold Knowledge Award (Cultural)

DFaCS Library

 The DFaCS library supports a portfolio of agencies, some 35,000 staff, and has driven a large number of KM initiatives as an outgoing and active part of the portfolio.  This has included the more traditional automation of a range of Library tools as well as the driving of a number of general Knowledge projects including an Information Audit and Needs analysis, a guided KM self-assessment, Metadata coordination and a digital archive of the ‘Guide to Social Services Act’.  Their customer satisfaction is significant with  active membership of the library at 75% 

Gold Knowledge Award (Technical Category )

Centrelink Performance Data Management System (PDMS)

 This tool was developed to give knowledge workers, team leaders, managers and senior executives necessary management information to manage their portfolio of work.  This information is delivered to every desktop within the organisation, with automated weekly updates to all reports, as well as the ability to slice and dice this information for differing uses.  PDMS resolved a major shortcoming in many information systems: the lack of context and related business information, supplying a “point of truth’ for information. Part of this system was a Balanced Scorecard, which was a major focal point for an organisational wide change program.  This system has improved the team and workload management process in every team, in every office, in every area, within Centrelink.