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Editorial Quality

The refereeing process for publication in the Journal is a rigorous measure of the quality of content.  Our goal for this process is focused on helping all authors to prepare their papers for eventual publication in the journal.  Our aim is that all authors who submit papers are accepted as members of the Journal's community.  To this end, reviews are richly developed, helpful, and respectful of author’s ideas.

Authors are invited to revise their work to the standards required by the referee reports they receive.  We believe all authors have merit; however on occasion authors require help to develop their ideas.  We prefer that authors work collaboratively with their reviewers to help them to bring out the best in their work.  Indeed, some papers may have excellent content, but may be poorly expressed in English - in the case, for instance, of authors whose first language is not English.  In this situation, a rewrite should be arranged by the author themselves, preferably using an experienced editor.

In all instances, reviewers’ comments are passed anonymously to the authors.

The Editorial Board will work with authors until submissions are of appropriate quality and relevance to the subject area.  The editor is happy to discuss contributions before submission.

Editorial Board

Dr Paul James, actKM Forum

Consulting Editors
Associate Professor Trish Milne, University of Canberra
Associate Professor Shankar Sankaran, University of Technology Sydney

Associate Editors
Reviewers of articles for each publication will be accredited as associate editors for that publication.

Copy Editor
Maxine James

Aims and Scope
Submission Guidelines