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The actKM Forum was initiated by a small group of Australian Public Service and private sector knowledge management practitioners based in Canberra, Australia, towards the end of 1998. The history of actKM and its operation has been documented and published by as:

Callahan - Building a KM CoP

The actKM Forum community

The actKM Forum is a not-for-profit learning community dedicated to building and sharing knowledge about knowledge management, and contributing to improved organisational performance through effective management of knowledge and information resources. It aims to provide an environment where members can create and share knowledge about both public and private sector knowledge management issues.
It was initially focused on public sector knowledge management activities but has become broader over time as the boundaries become blurred and the practices more common.
This environment consists of creating opportunities for members to have conversations and capturing our experiences for other members to use. This is done in a number of ways including monthly meetings, focus group discussions, email discussions, an annual conference and a repository of relevant information available via the Internet site.
The objectives of actKM Forum community include:
  • Raising awareness among senior managers of the strategic nature of their knowledge and information resources, and how these can improve organisational performance.
  • Contributing to more successful KM initiatives in the community.
  • Identifying and promoting successful initiatives that improve performance through better management of knowledge resources, and
  • Creating the conditions where maximum value can be extracted by members from the resources of the group.

Guiding Principles

In pursuit of its purpose the members of the actKM Forum Community believe that:
Primacy of Knowledge – Knowledge is an essential resource that an organisation must harness to successfully achieve its objectives.
Drive to Learn – People are born with an innate, lifelong desire and ability to learn, which should be enhanced by all organisations.
Learning is Social – People learn best from and with one another, and participation in learning communities is vital to their effectiveness, well-being and happiness in any work setting.


Participation in the actKM Forum community is free and is obtained by registering online through our webpage at: http://actkm.org/mailman/listinfo/actkm_actkm.org.
The community base has grown to over 1000, comprising public sector, private sector and academics that have an interest in knowledge management. The actKM Forum also has a strong international representation with members from Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, India, Singapore, France and the Philippines.  actkm is a founding memeber of the KM Global Network with the following organisations:

·         Information & Knowledge Management Society of Singapore - iKMS

·         Innovation  and Knowledge Management Club of Thailand - iKlub

·         Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society - HKKMS


Being a member of the actKM Forum community means, first and foremost, participating in and contributing to our learning community. We are developing an environment that enables members to contribute in a number of ways. The actKM presently holds monthly meetings and an annual conference and runs an email listserver.


The actKM Forum community provides the following benefits to its members:
  • The opportunity to discuss knowledge management issues with colleagues.
  • Access to a range of information resources such as case studies, web sites and the actKM Forum discussion list, 
  • An environment whereby working relationships can be established - finding out what others are doing and contributing to the group through discussions, writing case studies, giving presentations and leading special interest groups.
  • Opportunity to influence national and international policies, protocols or standards on knowledge management.

What actKM does

The actKM forum undertakes the following activities:
  • Discussion Forum – Until January 2006, our list server discussion group was hosted on Yahoo groups.  We commenced a new discussion group hosted on the actKM website on 24 January 2006 and anyone is invited to subscribe through our webpage at: http://actkm.org/mailman/listinfo/actkm_actkm.org
  • Monthly Meetings – Meetings are generally held the first Tuesday of each month.  The format of the meetings typically consists of a presentation from an invited guest speaker followed by questions and discussion. Participants are encouraged to give presentations on their knowledge management initiatives in their organisations. The meetings are informal and are followed by drinks and nibbles.
  • Annual Conference – The Forum holds an annual Conference, usually in October.
  • actKM Knowledge Awards – The actKM knowledge awards will be presented to organisations achieving significant benefits through better utilisation of their knowledge and information resources. The awards will be presented at the annual actKM conference dinner in October each year.
  • Websiteshttp://www.actkm.org also accessed via http://www.actkm.org.au or http://www.actkm.com/
General information about the actKM community can be obtained from www.actkm.org or by contacting any member of the Executive.


There are costs associated with the operation of actKM, including:
  • Website hosting and support
  • WWW Domain name ownership
  • Insurance
  • Hosting and sponsoring events
In order to fund operations at no direct cost to the knowledge community, actKM runs an annual conference where it charges participants a modest fee.  Monthly meetings and some specific events may also attract a contribution by attendees.

Management of actKM

In order to manage the funds required to support the costs associated with the operation of actKM, a separate incorporated association was required to be set up.  This entity is the ACT Knowledge Management Forum Incorporated.  This entity exists solely to support the administration of the actKM community.

ACT Knowledge Management Forum Incorporated

The operation of ACT Knowledge Management Forum Incorporated is focused on supporting the actKM community. 
As such, membership of ACT Knowledge Management Forum Incorporated is limited to:
  • actKM executive
  • members of other committees (such as the conference organising committee)
  • moderators
  • founders of actKM


ACT Knowledge Management Forum Incorporated became an incorporated association under the Incorporated Association Act (ACT 1991) in 2001.
Its association number is A03802 and it’s ABN is 79012926186.
Upon application, ACT Knowledge Management Forum Incorporated had a membership of seven people.


ACT Knowledge Management Forum Incorporated has a set of Association Rules that are registered with the ACT Government
ACT Knowledge Management Forum Incorporated is governed by a committee, referred to generally as ‘the Executive’.  The powers of the Executive are that it:
  • Shall control and manage the affairs of the association, and
  • May exercise all such functions as may be exercised by the association other than those functions that are required by the rules to be exercised by the association at the AGM, and
  • Has the power to perform all such acts and do all such things as appear to the committee to be necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs of the association.
ACT Knowledge Management Forum Incorporated is audited each year and it’s auditor is accountant Anthony Curtis and Co.  ACT Knowledge Management Forum Incorporated submits an Annual Statement of Particulars by Association each year to the ACT Government.
The Executive usually sets up sub-committees to mange such activities as the conference and other significant activities that warrant.  
The Executive generally invites participants from the actKM Forum community to become involved in managing the conference and generally invites them to be members of ACT Knowledge Management Forum Incorporated in accordance with Part 1.2 of the Rules.
Procedures for membership of ACT Knowledge Management Forum Incorporated is stated in Part 1.2 of the association’s ‘Rules’ as provided at incorporation.  All nominations for membership are to be approved by the Executive committee.
There is historically a restriction that the majority of the executive membership shall always be members of the Australian Public Service.
As of January 2008, the membership consists of 12 people and the membership list is held by the secretary.

Executive Committee

The members of the ACT Knowledge Management Forum Incorporated Executive are:




Convenor(President) David Williams convenor@actkm.org
Deputy Convenor(Vice President) Nerida Hart deputyconvenor@actkm.org
Treasurer Chandni Kapur treasurer@actkm.org
Public Office TBA publicofficer@actkm.org
Online Journal Editor Dr Paul James actkmjournal@actkm.org
Website Administrator Benjamin Cowell siteadmin@actkm.org
Committee Member
Mark Schenk mark@actkm.org
Secretary Karna O'Dea
Melanie Randall
ACT Knowledge Management Forum Incorporated Executive