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Is Good Enough Knowledge Management OK?

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By guest blogger Sarah Jansen

Ian Fry’s presentation came out of a discussion that happened at actKM 2010 in Canberra and its theme was “toughen up”. He says knowledge management professionals aren’t hard enough on themselves, especially regarding measuring their results. Apparently it’s common to say that knowledge and its management is immeasurable. Ian says that is weak.

He used the analogy of the way we measure knowledge transfer in schools by examinations and asked what would happen if we did that in the workplace with exam questions like “do you know where to find X information?” and “How would you do such and such?”

There was some robust discussion in the room about the different ideas that Ian brought up and conflicting research findings cited. It seems that much more discussion is needed among knowledge management professionals to compare and combine the competing knowledge paradigms, the different perspectives, the many areas of meta-knowledge.

If anyone is interested in continuing the exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives, Ian is putting together a team to work on this challenge to try to achieve something tangible out of the discussion.


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