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October 12, 2009

Wicked Problems

Professor Valerie Brown is engaging the audience how social change is sending the management of knowledge in two different directions. One is the recognition that there are wicked problems that can't be solved within current thinking, so social learning is required. The other is the strong current towards collaboration in all fields of practice. Long-term decision-making on complex issues becomes a matter of collective inquiry.

Arthur Shelley on Why Knowledge initiatives fail

Arthur is leading us through a facilitated conversation around the complexity of getting a knowledge initiative aligned with strategy, understood by the stakeholders, actioning a project to make it happen, integrating the new concept into the organisation, embedding the knowledge into those that need to know it to get the desired outcomes and then demonstrating the benefits of the program (and proving your initiative is actually the generator of these benefits).

October 10, 2009

Keynote - Patrick Lambe

Patrick is exploring some of the barriers to the professionalisation of knowledge management. He is arguing that as a professional community we lack some of the key mechanisms that will make our practice better grounded: we work to a quick fix orientation, we use improvised and unstable methodologies, we rely on a focus on marketing and spin, we lack access to mass observation of KM practices and their effects. He is giving us some examples of 'magical' thinking (not) and how we are practiced in search if a justification for what we do. Patrick is linking KM to witchcraft and looking at the similar organizational responses to both.

actkm09 kicks off

Amanda Horne is the first speaker presenting on Positive Psychology - the scientific study of the conditions and processes that contribute to the flourishing or optimal functioning of people, groups and institutions. Amanda is covering the main messages, theories and concepts are and how this can be applied to knowledge management. She is discussing how we can be better KM managers, how we can enhance the KM community, or how we can improve knowledge and information transfer using Positive Psychology techniques.

October 01, 2009

Still places for actKM 09 Conference

There are still places available for actKM 09 which will be held on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th of October 2009 at the Australian National University (ANU) Canberra. Cost will be held at the very affordable price of $690 per person, representing the best value for money KM conference available.

actKM 09 is planned to look to the future and consider what the discipline of Knowledge Management in 2020 will be like. Will KM dissolve into general management practice, will it mature into the critical management discipline that many believe it should be or will it mutate into something we have yet to envisage in order to survive.

The keynote presentation Faith, Magic and Culture in Knowledge Management, is from Patrick Lambe from Singapore. Proceeding will be Amanda Horne’s presentation on how positive psychology pulls people (and their knowledge) together. We will have an Accelerated Networking activity from Optmice and experiential workshops on Collective Intelligence by Jay Hays and Tackling Wicked Problems by Valarie Brown.

The annual dinner and awards evening will include our famous collaboration cabaret and our after dinner speaker Dr David Vaine of Apparently KM PLC, tackles the generation gap in the workplace between Gen Y workers and the rest of us, and the implications for assuring the future of minimal impact KM.

From Melbourne, Frank Connolly will share his work on Thinking Skills and Arthur Shelley on why Knowledge initiatives fail. Dr Helen Hasan will lead an experiential ‘Back to the Future for KM’ activity and Mark Schenk’s ‘Story Slam’ activity is sure to entertain.

Laurie Lock Lee opens day 2 on Corporate Social Capital followed by the results of Sally Burford’s study on how large Australian government agencies are using KM standards, guides, frameworks and models.

The afternoon will include a hypothetical chaired by Nerida Hart on KM in 2020 followed by usability guru Andrew Boyd on managing the user experience for Gov 2.0. Matt Moore will once again entertain us with his experiences with lepers (real ones), consultants, salespeople, and bureaucrats.

The conference will finish up with an emotional presentation by Dr Siwan Lovett on People, Passion and Place that will expand our ideas about ‘knowledge’

The Program and Registration form are available from our 2009 conference page at http://www.actkm.org/actkm_2009_conference.php

Any other enquiries about the conference can be e-mailed to conference2009@actkm.org.