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March 24, 2009

RSS - why RSS matters in the information environment - April 7th


Intro: My interest in coming to speak with the good folk of ACT KM is that I’m looking for the answers to some questions that have always fascinated me about the places where the social relates to the technical. Knowledge management is one such broad environment. And a good place to investigate this interface between the social and the technical is with RSS. RSS in the information environment does matter, but in what ways?

What actually is RSS?
- “news flash”
- Enterprise RSS
- A data format
- A way of using information by reference, rather than by instance

Brief history of development of RSS
- Berners-Lee’s initial paper
- Yahoo!
- Dave Winer
- RSS 2.0
- RSS 1.0
- Atom
- Google’s use of Atom

The differences between RSS (therefore XML) and HTML
- HTML is about appearance
- RSS (XML) is about structure

RSS use to date
- Mainly publish -> View
- RSS readers
- Podcasts are RSS
- Twitter as RSS

The possibilities of RSS
- RSS in Web 2.0 & Enterprise 2.0
- RSS as a two-way process: Publish -> View -> Edit -> Republish
- RSS as a collaborative building block
- Demo Xenos
- Demo xNewz

Return to the questions
- What is so challenging about RSS in this context?
- What social/business information “rules” does this use of RSS violate?

Conclusion and discussion

Where: National Archives of Australia
Time 5.30 to 7 pm

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