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February 24, 2009

Collaboration .... takes more than wishful thinking - actKM March monthly meeting

When times are tough it’s important to make the most of available resources. Organisations of all shapes and sizes have spent millions of dollars on ‘collaboration’ software yet the level of sophistication in the way we collaborate hasn’t improved dramatically. It’s time to be more systematic and effective collaborators and this starts with understanding what it really means and not fretting over the functionality of communication software, regardless of how alluring the latest web 2.x version looks.

We need to build collaborative cultures and skills. Not just for our success internally, but also to ensure success with stakeholders, clients, suppliers and partners.

The presentation will focus on the practicalities of developing effective collaboration cultures and skills with plenty of illustrations from our work with organisations like public and private sector organisations, both large and small, local and international.

The foundations are there. The software is available. The need is clearly here. 2009 will mark the tipping point where organisations will move from emphasising collaboration tools to placing the effort on people, on their behaviours and capabilities. We mustn’t forget: it’s people who collaborate.

Presented by Mark Schenk of Anecdote Pty Ltd www.anecdote.com.au

Come along to our first monthly meeting for 2009 at National Archives (for those in Canberra)

Date: Tuesday March 3rd at 5.30 pm

All that is expected is a gold coin donation for drinks and nibbles (if you are partaking of food and drink)

If you wish to know more contact convenor@actkm.org or deputyconvenor@actkm.org

February 09, 2009

Patrick Lambe - Leveraging and Valuing Expertise in Your Organisation

Dear all (at least those who are located in or around Canberra)

ActKM will be holding a workshop with Patrick Lambe on Friday the 13th at University House (ANU) Common Room from 9.30 to 3 pm.

A registration form can be requested from chandni@anecdote.com.au – a cost of $50 per head is being sought as we have had to pay for a venue – no free venues available this time unfortunately.

Leveraging and Valuing Expertise in Your Organisation

In this session, participants will examine the nature of expertise and experience and explore the different ways in which they contribute to the success of an organisation. Taking participants' own experiences of how expertise is leveraged in their own organisations, we will identify patterns of organisational needs and behaviours and identify common issues in the way that expertise is valued and leveraged (or not). Finally we'll close with a framework for planning a response to expertise needs, and identify some practical techniques that can be deployed to accelerate expertise transfer. This workshop is part of the open research project "Leveraging and Valuing Expertise" (http://usingexpertise.com).

* Introduction: the nature of expertise and experience
* Grounding: Anecdote circles with participants exchanging their stories of how expertise is leveraged and used (or misused) in their organisations
* Sensemaking: we work with the stories to identify patterns and key issues in the participants' situations
* Planning: we work with an expertise transfer framework and the Straits Knowledge KM Method Cards to build outline plans for some of the participants' situations
* Close: closing discussion looking at general patterns and sharing any relevant case examples

Patrick Lambe: Patrick is founder of KM research and consulting firm Straits Knowledge, two term President of the Information and Knowledge Management Society, and an active member of the actKM forum for several years. Patrick is a prolific blogger and conference speaker, and is the author of Organising Knowledge: Taxonomies, Knowledge and Organisational Effectiveness(Oxford: Chandos, 2007), KM Method Cards (Straits Knowledge 2008) and KM Approaches Methods and Tools - A Guidebook (Straits Knowledge 2008). Patrick was originally trained in Library Science and arrived in KM via a second career in training and development. He has been based in Singapore for 16 years. Patrick is also an Adjunct Professor in KM at the Hong KongPolytechnic University.