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Presentations from Day 1 of actKM 2008

Day 1 is over (aside from the crucial dinner component). Thanks to everyone who made a contribution today. Here are links to some of the presentations from Day 1 of the conference:

Keynote - Dave Gurteen - People 2.0
Matt Moore - Showing the Value of KM
Arthur Shelley - Wikis for improved education in knowledge management (also available as a Slideshare).
Andrew Campbell - Knowing & Learning to deal with climate change

More will be added to this entry as they become available. If you presented on Day 1, and your presentation isn't here (and you want it to be), let me know by email to siteadmin@actkm.org.


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I found Arthur Shelley's presentation on "Wikis for improved education in knowledge management". I think when we are at school, our teachers taught us not to share our work, this definitely has a impact on our attitude. So we join the work force, It takes sometime for us to realize the importance and benefit of sharing. Therefore if we start to learn sharing while we are at school, then we dont have to start the concept knowledge sharing from scratch when we join a organisation.

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