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October 23, 2008

Advice for New Knowledge Managers

Several attendees at the conference were asked about what one piece of advice they would give to "newbies" new to a knowledge management role.

"podcast": Advice for New Knowledge Managers

October 19, 2008

Material from conference interactive sessions

In addition to the presentations, there were also a number of interactive elements that the facilitators have analysed and have posted results on. These include:

Arthur Shelley's chart mapping levels of centralisation/ de-centralisation and people-focus/ tool-focus.
Laurence Lock Lee's value network map and "some video of some ‘hard core’ KM negotiators".

As more results come up, I'll be amending this entry with links.

If there are any problems or suggestions, let me know via email to siteadmin@actkm.org.

October 15, 2008

Presentations from Day 2 of actKM 2008

Well, actKM08 has (almost) been and gone. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it and found the 2 days fruitful. Here are the links to the presentations from Day 2:

Serena Joyner - Collaboration Cafe Act III - Debrief
Matt Hodgson - KM 2.0 - Myth or Legend

There is also now a slideshare group for the conference called (originally enough) actkm 2008, available here.

Please let me know if you have any difficulties accessing any of these presentations at siteadmin@actkm.org

actKM Collaboration Cabaret

There's plenty of stuff to link to from the Collaboration Cabaret (organised by Serena Joyner) at the conference dinner, but its easier to just got to the Cabaret site and check it out for yourself.

October 14, 2008

Presentations from Day 1 of actKM 2008

Day 1 is over (aside from the crucial dinner component). Thanks to everyone who made a contribution today. Here are links to some of the presentations from Day 1 of the conference:

Keynote - Dave Gurteen - People 2.0
Matt Moore - Showing the Value of KM
Arthur Shelley - Wikis for improved education in knowledge management (also available as a Slideshare).
Andrew Campbell - Knowing & Learning to deal with climate change

More will be added to this entry as they become available. If you presented on Day 1, and your presentation isn't here (and you want it to be), let me know by email to siteadmin@actkm.org.