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June 18, 2008

actKM meeting 1 July 2008, Facilitating Knowledge Management Buy-in from Senior Executives

Facilitating Knowledge Management Buy-in from Senior Executives through
Challenge Sessions - a Construction industry case-study

Dr Michael Nelson is a Canberra based management consultant working for ThirdHorizon Consulting. He has been helping clients improve knowledge and document management over 10 years, throughout Australia, Asia, and EMIEA.

Last year he developed a knowledge management strategy and blueprint for a large Middle Eastern construction company based in Athens, Greece. The company had experienced dramatic growth doubling in size in just 18 months resulting in staff numbers of 120,000 by 2007. Previously effective informal knowledge sharing networks had become fragmented, and the company had decided to evaluate whether formally investing in improved knowledge sharing would be beneficial. As part of the initial business case for KM a 'Challenge Session' was developed to determine and improve the level of KM buy-in by senior executives. The session used a combination of KM maturity model benchmarking, evidence based as-is analysis, best-practice case-studies, and discussions aimed at achieving consensus to build a core team of senior level advocates. Michael will discuss the Challenge Session,and talk about the case-study in general.

Date 1 July 2008
Place: National Library of Australia Conference Room
Time: 5.30-7.30pm

Please note this is a rescheduling of the April actKM meeting