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January 14, 2008

actKM meeting, 5th February 2008, 5.30pm-to finish

Liz Bennett will talk about The ATO Model Office - a knowledge-sharing initiative to improve change

The ATO Model Office uses a range of innovative techniques to visualise
and communicate with stakeholders about the impacts of change
initiatives. These techniques have been used to improve decision-making,
ensure integration across the enterprise, expose key design issues,
facilitate issues management, achieve buy-in, and assist deployment
teams. Liz Bennett is the Manager of the Model Office and will talk
about the work of the team and the techniques they use and provide
examples of products they have developed to improve change outcomes.

Date: 5 February 2008

Time: 5.30pm to finish

Land and Water Australia Board Room, Level 2, Phoenix Apartments, 86 Northbourne Avenue Braddon
Contact Melanie Randall, melanie.randall@lwa.gov.au if you wish to come