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actKM Monthly Meeting 3 April 2007

The next actKM monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday 3 April in the Menzies Room of the National Archives of Australia building (East Block), Parkes from 5.30 until 7pm. As with all actKM monthly meetings, attendance is free and open to all comers. A donation of $5 is sought from those wishing to partake of the drinks and nibbles provided.

Due the terrific interest and participation in the 10 best readings on KM, we are inviting everyone to bring along their favourite book on KM and argue why it should be in the top 10. We haven't met for a few months due to competing priorities and it will be great to catch up with those locals who can make it. We will publish the outcomes of the discussion on the list for those unable to get there.

We look forward to welcoming you to this event.


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