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There but for the grace of God...

As part Information Awareness Month, actKM is sponsoring an event on 31 May examining some of the implications of the Palmer, Comrie and NAA Reports for our own organisations. The details are shown below:

Topic: There but for the grace of god ... RM, IM and KM lessons from the Palmer, Comrie and NAA reports
Date: 31 May 2006
Time 2 to 5.30 pm
Place: National Library 4th floor conference room
Afternoon tea sponsored by AGLIN.
RSVP to Mark Schenk actKM Convenor, mark@anecdote.com.au or mobile 0412429 852

Presented as a joint activity - actKM, RMAA, ASA, IIM, ALIA, APSKM, AGLIN
It's not hard to see some (probably many) of the issues covered in the Palmer, Comrie and NAA reports in our own organisations. Anyone who is interested in discussing the implications of these reports and the lessons we can take back to our own organisations is invited to attend this event.
The event will be run using a technique called Open Space Technology. Open Space is widely used where the desired outcomes include not only information transfer, but also building relationships, empowering participants and producing coordinated, documented and action-oriented outcomes. For participants, the only requirements for attending an Open Space event are:
Before the event, think about the issues and/or implications arising from the various reports, and identify issues they are passionate about or concerned with, bring an open mind and be prepared to be surprised and have fun.


I'd be really interested to see the output of the open space session on this, and I'm sure other ACT-KM members would too. Will they be made available?