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actKM Monthly Meeting 6 June

The next actKM monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday 6 June in the Menzies Room of the National Archives of Australia building (East Block), Parkes from 5.30 until 7pm. Dave Carr, the Technical Capacity Manager for Greening Australia will talk about 'Exchange - The National Vegetation Knowledge Service'. Vegetation practitioners are now being connected to current research and relevant researchers through this service
Launched by Greening Australia in 2003, this innovative service provides a mechanism for delivering answers to regional vegetation management questions through the exchange and distribution of information between researchers, practitioners, states and regions.
Exchange also conducts an incentive fund for activities and events that promote the transfer of knowledge and information from on-ground projects, as well as incorporating the latest scientific knowledge back into community activities. Already Exchange has supported:
An in the water forum/field day in Tasmania to consider practical aspects of land and water management actions that effect riparian and in-stream characteristics of rivers for a broad audience
A local government forum in Gippsland
A bus tour of the oil mallee industry in WA to allow farmers, mallee growers and members of the Oil Mallee Association to come together to assess the progress of the pilot wood processing facility and discuss with industry and researchers the future and direction of this newly emerging industry
As with all actKM monthly meetings, attendance is free and open to all comers. A donation of $5 is sought from those wishing to partake of the drinks and nibbles provided.