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April 08, 2006

actKM Forum 2 May

Eyeing the Knowledge Management Seas: Exploring the Surface and Delving its Depths

Knowledge management is an approach that seeks to explore how the knowledge of organisational members can be improved, shared and exploited. The current sea of knowledge management practices that we observe as we sail across its surface focuses on intellectual pursuits, including organisational learning and intellectual capital. These are of course necessary, but they may also tend to limit the potential of KM. They may also help explain why many KM ventures fail and why KM has trouble gaining the attention of senior executives.
This presentation will explore this hidden assumption that intellectual knowledge is the only lens for creating and sharing knowledge. Other eyes for seeing and sense-making will be canvassed by diving underneath the ebb and flow of the knowledge waves and delving into the depth of the knowledge seas. When we open our eyes underwater, the aim will be to see other KM elements that are invisible to those on the knowledge management surface.
The presentation will also explore how an organisation can change its approach in order to maximise the use of these different forms of non-intellectual knowledge.
Two warnings. This presentation makes heavy use of alliteration and metaphor. Secondly, this presentation may challenge some people's unconscious assumptions about KM.

Luke Naismith is a Corporate Strategy Manager with the Victorian Government's Department of Justice. Previously he had more than 19 years experience in the Australian Public Service in information and knowledge management, information economy public policy and structural convergence issues and a short period of time as Director of Knowledge Futures Consulting. Luke has been a long-standing committee member of the Standards Australian KM Committee and has recently completed his Masters of Science in Strategic Foresight.

Where: National Archives (East Block) from 5.30 to 7 pm