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Disappearing KM Groups

The original act-km group hosted on Yahoo! disappeared without notice or reason on 15 January 2006. With the group went seven years of messages, all our files and the 1500-odd email addresses of the people who formed the basis of the actKM community. We are trying to get some explanations and action from Yahoo! but no success so far. Other KM groups including KM Malaysia and NCSI-KM-Forum (India) were also affected.

A new yahoo group (titled 'actkm') has been formed as an interim measure till we figure out the best way forward. We will use the new group as a way of communicating with group members i the interim. Note the slightly different group name of 'actKM' - we didn't form a new group using the old 'act-km' name as we don't want to jeopardise any chance of getting the group re-created. Please 'join' the new group so we can keep you posted on developments. The url to join the new group is http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/actkm/

Most importantly, please let everyone you know who is an actKM member know about this new group and encourage them to join asap. We don't want to lose the great community that is actKM.


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