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actKM Discussion List is live

Thanks to the great support from Ron Rogers (WEBY Systems) our website developer, a Disussion List server is now live on the website (see the button on the left of the actKM homepage, third from the top). This permanently replaces our Yahoo! Groups discussion list. The basic functionality is the same. Once subscribed, you can post messages that will be distributed to the email addresses of the list members. You can select whether you receive individual messages or a daily digest.

Today, a list of 1075 email addresses were invited to subscribe to the list. We lost the actKM membership list and associated email addresses (about 1550 of them) when the list disappeared. We have generated our list using an extract from Yahoo we took in early 2005 - so there will be lots of people who don't know about the new group arrangements. Please help to pass the word on to those who were members.

There is also an actKM Forum link on the left of the home page. This is a separate application we can use for specific topics that not everyone wants or needs to particpate in, such as the KM Certification debate last year. The 'Discusssion List' and 'actKM Forum' have separate subscription processes - only because considerable programming and time would be needed to create a single registration and login process for both.


I get to know this community thanks to Patrick Lambe of the Straits Knowledge SG.
I'm currently doing my PhD in the area of Knowledge Sharing Motivation.
And perhaps to the disappointment of many here, I'm about to embark on a questionnaire survey to verify my conceptual model.
After reading the posts about Lyn's survey, I decided to join this community. An opposite view is often a constructive one!
I look forward to more interactions with the members soon.

Thanks much!